We are a research team located within the Department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Formed in 2011, our team's interdisciplinary group of researchers focus on understanding the use, application, and impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in developing countries. While ICTs are said to offer great potential for improved qualities of life, we work on analysing this notion in the context of under-resourced communities.

While our work falls broadly within the field of ICT4D, our research contribution lies more specifically in developing models for context-based information system design and development, with a focus on supporting service delivery and local governance. Governments rely on relevant and timeous information to deliver services, and citizens need accurate information to hold governments accountable for the services delivered. In short, better information leads to better decisions.

As an impartial research team, we hold no vested interest in any of the technologies we develop or implement. We are uniquely positioned to experiment with various technologies, recommend the most appropriate options to governments and local authorities, and to facilitate engagement between various stakeholders.