INF5004W & INF5005W (Coursework and Dissertation)

The MCIS is offered in two formats, full-time and part-time. It can also be done by Dissertation only or (more usually) by Coursework and Dissertation. The formats are identical except in regard to the timing of the dissertation. Students who want to finish all their coursework and dissertation work within a single calendar year will sign up for the full-time format; otherwise they will take an extra year to focus exclusively on their dissertations. Find out more about the courses offered.

The programme has a number of taught modules, 4 technology projects, and a dissertation.

Taught modules include:

  • A  research methodology component to guide you through the steps of doing your thesis. This component should be pretty much completed by the end of the first semester.

  • A critical reading component including an introduction to research and critical thought in Information Systems Critical thinking, theory, scientific theory generation and testing, critique of research papers, writing research papers, reading and reviewing research articles, the sociology of research in information systems, important research streams, challenges to IS research, the culture of research.

  • An advanced content component consisting of selected topics of interest to students centred around the research interests of current IS staff and academic visitors.

  • A set of student-driven seminars whereby students individually present and (as a group) critique topics of their choice or as assigned.

INF5000W: Masters by dissertation

Only students with an exceptionally strong and broad research background will normally be accepted for this Course.

The student will be required to attend and hand-in assignments for the following 3 Coursework modules: Information systems thinking; Proposal writing; and Literature review. In addition, the student will attend regular one-on-one meetings with the dissertation supervisor. During this time a research plan will be approved and executed based on the research proposal. Changes to the candidate’s dissertation proposal will require approval of both the course convener and the candidate’s supervisor. The dissertation must have both theoretical and practical implications. Candidates will be expected to present a public seminar shortly before submission of the dissertation.

For queries contact the programme convenor Prof. Michael Kyobe.

The application deadline is the 30th of November 2023.