African Conference on Information Systems & Technology 2018 - CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, 9th – 10th July 2018


The 2018 (4th) edition of ACIST focuses on how digital information technology (DIT) can improve the livelihoods of African people. African livelihoods encompass sensitive issues such as health, education, incomes, environments, occupations, trades, access, business and government. These issues have physical, psychological, social, and financial dimensions that affect individuals, groups, communities, countries, and regions in Africa. DITs are increasingly becoming integral to and interdependent with the African society.

ACIST 2018 will explore such issues as to whether, how, why, when and where DITs contributes to improving the lives of people in the African society. One of the focal areas of discussions are what it takes to achieve a coordinated and sustained effort in the use of DITs to address grand challenges of improving the African Society. For instance, it is important to ask, if our purpose as information systems and technology researchers is to ensure better African lives, then what should individuals, groups, organizations, nations and regions do differently with DIT?