Click on the links below for more information on the courses offered by the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems or download the Commerce Undergraduate handbook.

First Year Core Modules
BUS1036F Evidence-based Management 
DOC1003H Commerce Case Study
CSC1015F Computer Science 1015
ECO1010F Microeconomics 
MAM1000W Mathematics I
CSC1016S Computer Science 1016
ECO1011S Macroeconomics
STA1000S Introductory Statistics

Second Year Core Modules
ACC1006F Financial Accounting
CSC2001F Computer Science 2001
INF2009F Systems Analysis
STA2020F/S Applied Statistics
FTX2020F Business Finance 
FTX2024S Financial Management 
ACC1012S Business Accounting 
ACC2011S Financial Reporting I 
CSC2002S Computer Science 2002
PHI2043S Business Ethics
STA2030S Theory of Statistics

Third Year Core Modules
BUS3039F People Management
CML1001F Business Law I
CSC3002F Computer Science 3002
ECO2003F Microeconomics II 
BUS2033F/S Professional Communication 
BUS2010S Marketing 1
BUS3038S Introduction to Project Management 
An approved 3000 level course 
CSC3003S Computer Science 3003
ECO2004S Macroeconomics II 

Fourth Year Core Modules
BUS4050W Strategic Thinking
Computer Science Honours

Fourth Year Business Science students follow the same curriculum as Computer Science honours students, but (due to the addition of BUS4050W) take fewer elective modules.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Head of the School, candidates will be expected to obtain an overall average of 65% for their third year Computer Science major courses and at least 55% for each course to be considered for a place in 4th year Computer Science courses. Places may be limited.

Students who do not qualify for admission to 4th year Computer Science courses will be required to change their specialisation or degree in consultation with the Head of the School of Management Studies.