Online Learning Environment

The School of IT currently uses the university-wide Sakai installation at as the core learning management system for all its courses.


Student advisors are available for consultation.

Undergraduate Computer Science students may also email with general queries or to book an appointment.

For IS students advise please go the INF student advice site at or email for all your UG Programme Convenor matters.

Policies for the School of IT

The Department of Computer Science's Policy on Academic Dishonesty for Computer Program Submissions is strictly enforced at all levels.

The School of IT pays strict attention to the university's plagiarism's policies.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy and Process for the Department of Information Systems

  • Faculty of Commerce: Computer labs policy

    Access to computer facilities by registered students

    All students, who are registered for a course hosted by the Commerce Faculty, will automatically have their login account enabled for the Commerce Faculty Student Computing Laboratories. The doors to the Computer Lab complex will normally be kept closed to help with air-conditioning and security. Access is obtained by means of the student's access card. Any student in the lab must be able to show a valid student card at any time, if called on to do so. UCT reserves the right to revoke access to the computer lab complex from any student or group of students.

    Due to limited resources, certain machines may at times be restricted for the use of specific users only. The labs will be open 24 hrs per day, and 7 days per week during the normal academic year. The Commerce Alumni Lab is however only open Monday to Friday, from 08:00 - 17:00. Student accounts will be valid for 1 academic year only and will be reactivated when students register for the following year.

    Reservation of lab space

    Certain labs are deemed Tutorial Labs, and may be reserved to run tuts throughout the semesters. These must be booked well in advance of the start of term. Only lecturers may reserve a tutorial lab, for tutorial purposes.

    The Comlab Computer Lab is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Commerce Alumni Computer Lab is open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 17:00.

    Rules of Conduct (Lab Rules)

    • Under no circumstances will eating / drinking or smoking be allowed in the lab complex. (Please refer to "Penalties for breaking the lab rules").
    • No littering will be allowed.
    • Students are expected to keep noise levels down to acceptable standards.
    • Computing Resources are for Academic use only! No games, etc. will be tolerated!
    • Students will obey reasonable requests (refer "Penalties for breaking the lab rules") from Tutors or other UCT personnel. Tutors are employed by UCT and as such represent UCT in the lab environment.
    • No cell phones are allowed in the Lab, it is disturbing to other users, therefore all cell phones must be switched off, and put away.
    • All Students in any Commerce Computer Labs must have their Student card with them at all times, if asked by Campus Protection Services or any staff member form the Commerce I.T. Department to display the Student card, please do so.

    Please refer to 'Penalties for the breaking of the lab rules' further down this page.

    Password and login integrity.

    No student or staff member may disclose his/her password to another user, or permit another user to access his/her login account on the file server. Student users may not use their logins for any purpose other than coursework, and may definitely not use them for financial gain.

    Internet / Mail Restrictions

    This point is under review. Please ensure that you are familiar with the clause on 'abusive mail' as set out in the general UCT email rules.

    Notice Boards

    No notices may be placed on the notice boards without the express permission of the Computing Function Administrator. Under no circumstances may any items be stuck to walls / windows. Please refer to "Penalties for breaking of lab rules"


    This is the responsibility of Nashua.

    Penalties for the breaking of the lab rules

    In the case of non-compliance/infringement of Rules

    • The HelpDesk Tutor on duty will have the right to disable the guilty party's account (campus wide) for 1 week for the first offence, 2 weeks for the second offence and referral to student court for the third offence. If more than one student is involved the matter will be referred to the Laboratory Supervisor who may close the lab complex to all students.
    • Students found guilty of eating and drinking / messing in the labs, or defacing the facilities may be called upon to cover the cost of repainting / cleaning the complex and / or be brought before the UCT court.

    By using the computing facilities, the student agrees to abide by UCT's rules for computing resources.

    Any student found breaking the rules will be subject to punishment. 


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