Nomonde Khalo

PhD Fellow since 2024

Supervisor: Dr Jan Buys      

Research Topic: Knowledge Enhancement to improve the Reliability of Large Language Models for Patient-Centered Text Simplification 

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Emmanuel Ackerson

PhD Fellow since 2023

Supervisor: Dr. Josiah Chavula

Research Topic: SDN Data-Driven Internet Traffic Engineering in Community Networks (CNs)


Godfrey Haonga

PhD Fellow Since 2023 

Supervisor: Prof Lisa Seymour 

Research Topic: A Prescriptive Framework for Designing Personalized Learning to Improve Learning Experiences in Open Distance Learning: The Context of African Higher Education


Herman Kandjimi

PhD Fellow since 2023

Supervisor: Prof. Hussein Suleman 

Research Topic: A Machine learning algorithm for an adaptive automated grading system: an attempt to simplify programming for beginners

Sarah Mulaji

PhD Fellow since 2023

Supervisor: Prof. Irwin Brown 

Research Topic: The Emergence of Blockchain-based National Identity implementation in South Africa

Jaydon Farao

PhD Fellow since 2022

Supervisor: Melissa Densmore

Research Topic: Digital storytelling for the support of maternal and child-wellbeing through community-based co-design

Sello Ralethe

PhD Fellow since 2022 

Supervisor: Jan Buys

Research Topic: Injecting Commonsense Knowledge into Pre-trained Language Models for Low Resource Languages

Katazo Natasha Amunkete

PhD Fellow since 2022

Supervisor: Lisa Seymour

Research Topic:  Exploring the effects of knowledge loss on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems in the Namibian public sector: Towards a digital knowledge retention framework
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Rebecca Njuguna

PhD Fellow since 2021

Supervisor: Ulrike Rivett

Research Topic: Using Data from Information Financial Institutions for Alternative Credit Scoring
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Johan Bontes

PhD Fellow since 2021

Supervisor: James Gain

Research Topic: High performance automated reasoning
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Mbithe Nzomo

PhD Fellow since 2021

Supervisor: Deshen Moodley

Research Topic: A Hybrid AI Framework for Data Fusion, Situation Analysis, and Decision Support Towards Precision Health
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Recent publication:
Nzomo, M.; Moodley, D. 2023. Semantic Technologies in Sensor-Based Personal Health Monitoring Systems: A Systematic

Mapping Study. arXiv preprint. | LinkedIn | Research Gate | Website

Safianu Omar

PhD Fellow since 2021

Supervisor: Jean-Paul van Belle

Research Topic: Adapting ICT initiatives in Crisis Response and Management
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Recent Publication: 
Safianu, O., Van Belle, JP. (2023). Social Media Affordances for Disaster Management. In: Ndayizigamiye, P., Twinomurinzi, H., Kalema, B., Bwalya, K., Bembe, M. (eds) Digital-for-Development: Enabling Transformation, Inclusion and Sustainability Through ICTs. IDIA 2022. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1774. Springer, Cham.

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