Click on the links below to find out more about courses offered for Informatics students in the Faculty of Humanities, or download the Humanities Undergraduate handbook:

First Year courses
CSC1015F Computer Science 1015
INF1002S Information Systems I*

Second Year courses
INF1003F Commercial Programming**
INF2008F Database Systems
INF2009F Systems Analysis
INF2011S Systems Design & Development

Third Year courses
INF3011F IT Project Management
INF3014F Electronic Commerce
and ONE of the following:
INF3012S BPM & Enterprise Systems
OR ***
INF2010S IT Architecture


* Entrance requirements for INF1002S include either 70% for NBT QL OR at least 50% for Maths (NSC) OR MAM1014F. CSC1015F requires 70% for Maths (NSC)

** Extended programme students would do INF1003F in second year and start their other second year INF courses in third year to spread their courses over 4 years

*** Students wanting to work in business analyst, business process analyst and project manager career tracks should choose INF3012S; students wanting to work in IT education or career tracks requiring infrastructure knowledge should choose INF2010S; students wanting to enter software development career tracks should complete INF2010S in their second year and INF3003W instead of INF3011F in their third year (an extra 30 credits)