The School of IT offers the following undergraduate courses from the department of Information Systems. Click on the links below for more information or download the Commerce Undergraduate handbook.

For a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Information Systems & Finance [CB001INF11], the following core modules are offered:

First Year Core Modules
ACC1006F Financial Accounting 
INF1002F Information Systems I
CSC1015F Computer Science 1015** 
DOC1003H Commerce Case Study 
ECO1010F Microeconomics 
MAM1010F Mathematics 1010
ACC1012S Business Accounting 
ACC2011S Financial Reporting I 
BUS1036S Evidence-based Management 
ECO1011S Macroeconomics 
STA1000S Introductory Statistics 
MAM1012S Mathematics 1012

Second Year Core Modules
INF1003F Commercial Programming**
INF2007F Applying Database Principles
INF2006F Business Intelligence and Analytics 
INF2009F Systems Analysis 
INF2010S IT Architecture 
INF2011S Systems Design & Development
FTX2024F Financial Management
ECO2003F Microeconomics II
ECO2004S Macroeconomics II
CML1004S Business Law I

Third Year Core Modules
BUS2033S Professional Communication
STA2020F Applied Statistics
INF3014F Electronic Commerce
INF3011F IT Project Management
FTX3044F Finance IIA 
FTX3045S Finance IIB
PHI2043S Business Ethics 
INF3012S BPM & Enterprise Systems