Dr Haji Ali

Lecturer at the State University of Zanzibar

Research Title

Investigating Mobile Graphic-based Reminders to support compliance of Tuberculosis Treatment

Research Overview

There is an increasing trend of mobile technology identified as a tool that can be used for supporting patients, such as those who have tuberculosis, for treatment adherence. This would enable them to directly communicate or receive health information such as reminder messages from healthcare facilities. However, current mobile interventions, such as text message and speech reminder systems have limited use for people with low literacy levels. To overcome these challenges, my research proposes the mobile graphic-based reminders that can be used to support tuberculosis patients to improve compliance with treatment regimens, especially for semi-literate and illiterate patients.

Key Themes

Mobile Health; Visual Communication; Tuberculosis Treatment


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (University of Cape Town); MSc in Mobile Computer Systems (Staffordshire University); BSc in Computer Science (Future University formerly, Computer Man College)

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