Hosea Mwalo Arito

Graduate Engineer

Research Title  

Assessing the Effect of Water-Related Information, Provided by a Mobile Phone Application on Water Conservation at Household Level

Research Overview  

The study was motivated by the need to address the increasing domestic water demand that had been experienced in Cape Town, South Africa, a water-scarce country. In attempting to address this problem, metered water users were provided with a mobile application called “Drop Drop”, which provided them with water-related information that could enable them to participate in water conservation at their homes. The study demonstrated that extensive and consistent water conservation participation at homes can be realized if water conservation information could be presented through media which are easily and mostly accessed by consumers (such as mobile phones).

Key Themes  

Water Conservation and Water Demand Management; Water-Related Information; Mobile Phone Application


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BSc in Civil Engineering (University of Nairobi); MSc in Civil Engineering (University of Cape Town)

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