Welcome to the online home of the Tech4Good Lab - Africa's first dedicated Tech4Good research lab. Co-Founded by Dr Sumarie Roodt and Dr Walter Uys, the Lab, situated within the School of IT at the University of Cape Town (UCT), aims to harness the power of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. We aspire to become the leader of pan-African research in this space. The Tech4Good Lab is based in Cape Town, the gateway to Africa, and the continent’s tech capital.

What is Tech4Good

We define Tech4Good as the constantly evolving intersection of technology and sustainable development which focuses on collective and inclusive impact innovation (purpose), to solve varying types of complex problems spanning the ‘wickedness’ continuum. Tech4Good balances the need for economic development (profit) with the need to protect society (people) and the environment (planet).

It involves the intentional ideation, design, development, implementation and/or use of ethically responsible technology via an egalitarian approach to solve social, economic and environmental challenges, using integrated interdisciplinary teams and interdependent co-design and collaboration methods across academia, business, government and society. 

Tech4Good integrates the principles of ethics, caring and sustainability into innovation, helping us to live better both as individuals and as a collective society. 


In line with the Tech4Good Innovation Ecosystem developed by Podder, Singh, Tanguturi & Roy (2018), we will be harnessing the collective intelligence of  business, civil society, academia and government. These entities will have the opportunity to contribute towards achieving the intended impact of the Tech4Good Lab, based on their core competencies, and benefit from each other.

Our Partners Include