The IT sector is the by far fastest growing sector globally. South Africa’s industry has always been focused on “primary”  industries, like mining, where most of the workforce has been labour based. But even these industries are getting more and more automated and South Africa's workforce is changing.

Our economic and social development depends on being able to contribute to the global digital industry. For example, we need a workforce that can move the banking sector from paper to the cloud. Without cloud architects, we will not have a banking sector that is globally competitive.

IT is part of every industry, every profession and every government department. There is no degree that does not require engagement with computers – but we need more people who see IT as central to their life.

The School of IT

In 2018, UCT launched the new School of Information Technology in response to the growing needs of the South African and global tech industry, and the increasing demand for university qualifications in the sector.

The school bridges the faculties of Science, Commerce and Humanities and offers a wide variety of courses and programmes to suit a student's personal interests and aptitudes.

Computer Science and Information Systems are not the same but there is much convergence.

Computer Science focuses on developing the technical aspects of programming and software development further, moving us with Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing into the next century and creating some of the most amazing and yet unheard-of programmes.

Information Systems focuses on developing better systems for businesses and people to become more responsive to our needs.

The combined knowledge and passion of the two disciplines positions UCT well to further the goals of South Africa and move us through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Director: Ulrike Rivett