School of IT’s first showcase

15 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018

The first showcase event of the School of IT brought together the faculties of Science and Commerce to celebrate their students' achievements and hard work.

“We realized that we might have to move with the times and respond to the need that society and industry had recognised. Computer Science and Information Systems had worked together, we did research together, we supervised students together, but the time had come to move closer together by creating a School of IT,” said Director of the School of IT Ulrike Rivett.

Student showcase

Gianluca Truda
Gianluca Truda from the Dept of Computer Science presented his research on “WarFit – Machine Learning for Improved Warfarin Dosing”.

Michael Lusaka
From the Dept of Commerce, Michael Lusaka discussed his work on the impact of ridesourcing services on students travel behaviour using the case of UCT.

The awards ceremony honoured both undergraduate and postgraduate students. A full list of awards can be downloaded in PDF format.

Several companies manned stands at the events, including:
BSG, Amazon, Entelect, Accenture, Synergy, TCS, Huawei and Viadata.

From UCT NEWS: Comp Sci and IT join forces


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