Tommie Meyer elected as an AAS Fellow

29 Apr 2024
Tommie Meyer
29 Apr 2024

Professor Tommie Meyer of the Department of Computer Science has been elected as a Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS). A renowned figure in the field of AI, Meyer holds the CAIR-UCT Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence, and is an NRF A-rated scholar. He is the director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Unit at UCT, and co-director of the national Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research.  

The AAS was founded in 1985 after a task force under the leadership of the late Professor Thomas R. Odhiambo completed and presented the constitution of the AAS following the inauguration of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in Italy that same year. 

The AAS recognises excellence through the election of distinguished researchers as AAS Fellows and Affiliates. Their election is based on their publication record, innovation, leadership roles and contribution to policy.